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Let Us Learn English Language Together.

Your English is you. No matter how great your natural ability or intelegence, you always be judged on the basis of how well you speak and write. The use of poor English is a serious handicap in business and social life, however that can be easily overcome!


We will begin our studies of the parts of speech with the noun. A noun is one of the most important words that you use when either speaking or writing. It is the word tells what you are talking about. A noun is a word that names something. You have a name. I have a name. Everything that we see, or examine, or talk about must have a name. There are names for persons, animals, places, and objects that can be pointed out and recognized. There are also names for substances, qualities, actions, and measures of time or quantity. The following list includes examples of different kinds of nouns.


      Persons: Soldier, Almaz, friend, Ethiopiawi

     Animals: lion, mouse, zebra, tiger

     Places: home, Chicago, New York, Addis Ababa

     Objects: desk, picture, typewriter, hammer

     Substances: iron, air, water, food

     Qualities: kindness, heroism, faith, beauty

     Actions: climbing, cooking, running, fighting

     Measures: year, dollar, inch, day

Nouns Used in Sentences

The soldier is wearing his new uniform.

New York is a great city.

Iron is useful metal.


Exercise 1
 On the line to the right of each of the nouns in the following list, indicate whether the noun is the name of a person, place, animal, object, quality, substance, action or measure. In addition, write a sentence using each word.
1. cup _____________
2. pound ___________
3. swimming_________
4. lawyer___________
5. home____________
6. courage__________
7 Boston____________
8. guest_____________
9. book_____________
10. month___________
11. flower___________
12. initiative_________
13. quality__________
14. captain__________
15. France___________
16. century__________
17. library___________
18. zinc_____________
19. skiing___________
20. speaker__________

1. cup 
     object or measure
     He put the cup on the table.
     He put the cup under the table.
     He put the cup above the table.

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